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We now having matching winter headbands that can match your drink belt case. Pruchase the combo or go for on, mix and match the florals, or keep it simple.

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Feeling a little jealous you don't have an insulated water belt for this case, you can purchase your TOKO belt with us.

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Putting Style On Your Butt
That’s what we said. BUTT. We’ve created a one of a kind, patented design drink belt case. A case designed for your insulated drink belt. It’s as simple as that. These drink belts are very common for nordic skiers and biathletes; the rest of you are like “what is that?”. If you’re either of those athletes you will look at this and say “why didn’t I think of this?”. Whelp, too late, so start shopping.

Who’s behind this new idea of a case for a drink belt?

Lindsey (Burkhardt) Masterson here and the start of 2020 I knew nothing about sewing, textiles, laser cutting, trademarks, and patenting a product. With the support and funding (LOL) of my husband I went full speed ahead on my vission. My background is web developing (the geeky side of me) and photography (using my UNH art degree for something). I've built a business up over the years Cheetah Design Studio. It's successful, and still going....but then there is this!

So I'm saving money launching this product with my background, and because it's my background I'm also obsessing and need to let go. So I'm letting go and launching this! I've put my extremely expensive fancy Nikon camera down and busted out my cell phone to take photos. I've dumbed down the possiblities of the website and made it simple.

I wanted to launch with the light up case, and like any product I'm running into walls with that. Manly because I want it perfect right out the gate.  Listen, you see this simple case right? Not that simple. This whole process has been a huge learning curve & very frustrating. What I've learned over this process and past experiences is never rely on anyone. I now know how to sew, laser cut, and starting a product during a pandemic makes ordering fabric hard.

Why no name? I'm calling it what it is for now. If this becomes more then I'll totally come up with a name.


TEAMS :: Let's get your team going on the wicked cool drink belt case with your own colors. Once you customize your colors, we'll complete thedrink belt case and ship them off to you. The best part about this process is we ship to you, and you use the silk-screener of your choice. If you want we can handle the silk-screening for you instead. One stop shop.

YOU :: Create your own. The possibilites are endless, and we want you to have fun with it. There are seven pieces that make up the drink belt case and we want you to pick 6.

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We're always inovating. This simple product has so much more potential. We plan to come out with our own line of textiles with limited availablity. Make sure to signup (in the footer) for our newsletter. We will make announcements with new prodcuts and promos.