BUILK DISCOUNT APPLIED during checkout! There are 7 pieces that make up our cases, and we’re giving full design ability on 6. Take a glance at the image with the #’s in red to get a visual before designing. Scroll down to see our full Color Options & stock options. Read below about our stock. We don’t have every color in-stock. PLEASE READ BELOW ABOUT INVENTORY IN FABRIC.

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If you have a team or simply want to customize your own case it’s possible. The color options are endless so don’t get stuck in-front of the computer to long. Custom orders do take a tad longer to get out the door, but if you need a rush for an event or something just let us know. We work faster with baked goodies. What is  a “tad longer” you wonder; not so sure. We just started doing this out of our basement. Would be way cooler to say garage, but the garage has a car in it. This fabric is the real deal it’s called Neoprene scuba fabric with insulated microfibers integrated within the fabric. These fibers are extremely strong and gives the fabric a spongy feel. Not to mention is 1.5mm thick. The fibers are surrounded by a smooth, tightly knit polyester finish. BULK ORDER…good gosh I think we can, I think we can. DISCOUNTS for bulk orders of 10%. Bulk to us means anything over 10 cases. Not feeling so good placing your oder for who knows why, or just simply want to chat with us about your oder feel free give us a call 603-554-6757


Off White



Bubble Pink


American Beauty


Neo Yellow

Sunflower Yellow



Baby Blue


Aqua Green

Spring Green


(sold out)


Royal Blue




Steel Blue
(sold out)

Navy Blue


SOLD OUT - not the end of the world chill out. Vendor can notifiy us when more become available. You're welcome to use the color, and then it's a test of patience on your end till it becomes available.

NOT IN STOCK - do we look like money bags? We don't have every color instock, but can order after you design. Just keep inmind the turnaround time will change based on vendor shipping.