Superieur Electrolytes

Superieur Electrolytes is a light, refreshing electrolyte drink. Use it before, during & after activity or anytime you’re thirsty. Very healthy for kids, and great alternative to juice. Non-GMO, gluten-free & vegan. Only 10 calories a serving. 

Superieur Electrolytes is the most complete electrolyte formula on the market. Seas salt, sea minerals, real vitamin C and also bamboo stem extract, and organic source of the mineral silica. 70 Servings per container.


Superieur Electrolytes – Plant Based Electrolyte Supplement w/ Sea Minerals for Hydration & Recovery – Keto Friendly, Non-GMO, Zero Sugar, Vegan Healthy Sports Drink Powder

FARM NOT PHARM: Superieur Electrolytes, do everything themselves, eliminating 3rd party formulators, middlemen, and mass distributors. Their grassroots values empower them to deliver you an electrolyte drink with the best taste, ingredients, and price.
PLANT-SOURCED POWER: Using Acerola Berry extract for Vitamin C, Bamboo Extract for Silica, Stevia Leaf extract, Himalayan Sea Salt and ionic trace minerals, they harness the power of real, natural ingredients from plants and sea minerals you can trust.
FRESH, DELICIOUS FLAVORS: They are committed to better, healthier ingredients for the best tasting product. Using real fruit flavor along with our other natural ingredients, zero sugar electrolyte drink powder is healthier, tastier, and more refreshing!
HYDRATION ON-THE-GO: Promoting an active lifestyle, hydration powder canisters are convenient to take with you to yoga, skiiing, the gym, the office, or on a trip. To prepare, simply stir one serving into a glass or shake it in your bottle for a tasty, hydrating drink.
MULTI-USE: electrolyte supplement powder replaces your chemically injected sports drinks. Superieur Electrolyte powder is great for maintaining daily hydration, immune support, mood, and energy. One serving a day will keep the doctor away by aiding in sickness and recovery! Hydration drink is for kids and adults on any diet!