Insulated Drink Belt

The Drink Belt Case is inspired by TOKO™ insulated water belt in mind. We’ve made customizing your fuel belt pretty darn easy, but you kind of need a fuel belt to order a Drink Belt Case which is why we offer the water belts for sale on our site. Drink belt will keep any liter of liquid warm or cold in any climate. Zipper compartment on top and adjustable waist strap. Holds 32oz of liquid.


The Drink Belt Case creates a unique case around this insulated drink belt with an additional pocket for carrying wax or keys. The TOKO™ belt (which holds 32 oz of liquid) is washable. What do you use an insulated water belt for? It’s great for keeping your water cool in the summer, or to avoid freezing in the winter. It’s common to see cross country skiers and biathletes wearing these insulated water bottle belts. It’s becoming increasingly popular among the fat-bike and mountain bike riders as well, plus hikers of course, and more recently in the equestrian field! Camelbacks are popular till the tubes freeze, and with this method, you avoid such disaster.